Traffic Gridlock Disaster in LA

Los Angeles, CA – Ordinary Citizens, Giants of Industry, Public and Civil Servants provide their perspective in this ongoing series that explores the cause and development of L A’s reputation for having the worst traffic gridlock in the nation. In spite of billions of dollars of taxpayer funds having been pledged and spent over decades, solutions to the gridlock problem have proved to be elusive, while conflicting strategies continue to confound city fathers.

Featured Episode Videos

  1. Cost of Traffic Congestion Watch Trailer (1:06) Watch Episode (8:55) Money down a rathole
  2. Is Over-Development the Problem? Watch Trailer (1:08) Watch Episode (13:58) Are Developers Causing Traffic Gridlock?
  3. Are Metro Bonds Doomed to Fail? Watch Trailer (1:10) Watch Episode (12:49) Citizens vs the Power Brokers
  4. Money Wasted Watch Trailer (1:06) Watch Episode (16:48) Transportation Bureaucrats Burning Billions
  5. Traffic Disasters Control Your Future Watch Trailer (1:06) Watch Episode (15:09) Be warned: it's not for your convenience!
  6. LA Metro Creating Gridlock Watch Trailer (1:06) Watch Episode (18:10) Is it Intentional?
  7. Why is the Problem Never Solved? Watch Trailer (1:06) Watch Episode (18:24) Intentional Gridlock is Permanently Planned
  8. What’s Wrong with LA? Watch Trailer (1:07) Watch Episode (10:15) LA’s Traffic Madness
  9. Events & Disasters
  10. The Thomas Plan Stuck in Traffic Remedy?
  11. The Politicians Traffic Pipe Dreams
  12. Metro Monster
  13. LA’s Traffic Woes
  14. Cal-Trans: Model of Inefficiency

Appearing in this series is:

Richard Close, Sherman Oaks Homeowners Assn.
David J. Gascon, LAPD Assistant Chief (retired)
Bruce Gillman,
Director of Communications-LA DOT
John Holzhauser, District 7 Traffic Manager Cal-Trans
Jack Humphreville, Principle Target Media Partners
John B. Kilroy, Sr. Founder Kilroy Industries
Michael Manville, Associate Professor of Urban Planning UCLA
John Moorlach, California State Senator
Jeff Reeb, Director LA Office of Emergency Management
Bart Reed, Executive Director of the Trans Coalition
Brian Simi, Acting Systems Management Principal Cal-Trans
Jill Stewart,  Yes on S Committee to Preserve L A
James A. Thomas, Founder, and Thomas Partners Group
H. Andrew Thornburg, Investor, Venture Capitalist
Stephanie Wiggins, Deputy CEO METRO

This is an on-going series featuring the movers and shakers in LA, in addition to the state officials who are responsible for managing Los Angeles traffic. The series is dedicated to discovering why the problem is never solved, no matter how much money is spent. Viewers will have the information necessary to answer the question: can it be solved?

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