Los Angeles , CA     VIDEO  PREVIEW: (3 min)  of a six-segment interview series featuring the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson who  started his own show on public access cable TV channels  in Los Angeles.  His controversial message of healing black anger with God’s love and blaming black leaders  for supporting black genocide with abortions gathered much attention. And so he soon  began to appear as a frequent guest on radio and television talk shows and on national Television News Channels covering social issues and current hot topics.

Segment #1   Scam: How Black America is Exploited by Black Leadership is the topic of Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson’s book.  He is the founder of The Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND), and a controversial leader who advocates individual responsibility instead of hatred.  He says that black people in America are suffering not because they are victims of racism, but  have turned their lives over to the government because (public) benefits were available only if the man was absent- and government became the daddy.

Segment #2  Attempts To Silence His Message:  Rev. Peterson met with fierce opposition when he first started a radio program and shared his message that racism was not the problem, and that people should think for themselves.  In fact, the radio station was threatened with destruction and Peterson was  banned from 3 local Los Angeles stations.  Peterson’s organization, The Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND), provides a home for young men who are motivated to break out of the chains of despair and anger, and teaches individual responsibility and self reliance.  BOND is independently funded and has not received a penny of government money.

Segment #3    Anger, Hate & Black Genocide:  Rev.  Peterson characterizes  prominent Black leaders as race hustlers and poverty pimps who crave power.  He points to Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton who are preachers who teach racism from the pulpit and promote abortion, because they receive government funding.

Segment #4  Perfect Love Is The Answer: Rev. Peterson explains that anger cannot exist where there is perfect love and true love comes with forgiveness.  Emotional love and anger can coexist, but it builds you up and brings you down- it is not perfect love.   Peterson reveals the source of happiness.  Sadly, Reverend Peterson’s cable access show where he taught people how to forgive was cancelled when all 14 Los Angeles public access channels and studios were closed and the funds were subverted by the city.  He says this was a great loss for less fortunate kids and the community.

Segment #5  Name Calling, The “N” Word & Trayvon Martin:   Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson relates how he has faced a lot of hatred while sharing his message of love and has been called every name in the book.   He says that ifthe “N” word was  such a bad word, black people would stop saying it, but it is used instead to control white people.  He says perfect love makes it impossible to be hurt by words.    Peterson explains how black leaders used the shooting death of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman as a tool to rally people together for voting purposes and to intimidate white people.  He further implicates the media in the deception of Trayvon Martin as an innocent child.  There is a double standard for white on Black violence.

Segment #6  Father Hate & Liberal Women:   Rev. Peterson stirred up controversy when he claimed that women should have never been granted the vote.why he believe some women hate their fathers.  Peterson isn’t bothered by what others think of him as he says he is protected by God’s love, and feels compassion for his enemies.  Reverend Peterson closes by saying that white people need to stop fearing Black people and speak the truth even if it is received in a negative way. He advocates being an example.

Viewer Response Question:

1.  Do you think that the various leaders that have been promoted by the media are working toward the detriment of black families and the communities that they are supposed to be helping?
2.  Have you ever heard this side of the news on mainstream media?
3.  Would you like to hear more of this politically incorrect perspective that you won’t hear in the mainstream media?

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