Here is free 3-minute preview of  the two-part Full Disclosure® interview with Citizen Statesman B. Wayne Hughes, Jr., who describes his enthusiastic support for prison programs to “change the culture.”

Hughes explains  to Emmy Award-winning host Leslie Dutton why the culture needs to be changed. Soon to be released to public cable channels.

The full half hour video segments of this two-part interview are described below.

635 Segment 1
American Success Story Leads to New Mission: Change Culture, Change Politics.  (9 minutes)

B. Wayne Hughes, Jr. describes his life’s path from janitor to realtor, to making a difference and why after supporting political endeavors and spending time in Washington, D.C.  he gave up on politics.  He came home to his native California to address the prison and jail crisis with a refreshing but proven program to change the hearts of hardened criminals, hoping to solve that crisis.  He recalls the work of Chuck Colson, the Prison Fellowship Ministry and Warden Burl Cain who changed the notorious Louisiana Angola prison from “the bloodiest” to “the safest” prison in the country.

635 Segment 2
Will Prison Crisis Be Solved By Converting Gangsters To Pastors?    (12:36 minutes)

The Serving California Foundation was formed by Wayne Hughes, Jr. to support The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) where for 3-1/2 years prison inmates study to become pastors.  The seminary training program has 850 men in 26 prisons who are participating and graduating.  Hughes describes the ultimate goal of the prison seminary program, the achievements, accomplishments and changing the atmosphere even in the notorious Angola prison, once considered the most violent prison in the country.

635 Segment 3
Will ACLU Support A Christian Prison Ministry?  Wayne Hughes Responds (11:25 minutes)

When asked whether TUMI Prison Ministry programs will have support from the ACLU, Hughes is certain they share the same concerns about prison violence and would support to find alternatives to failed programs.  He says that insolvency of government has created an opportunity for the citizenry to step up and serve,   “if you care and see something needs to be done….just do it”.  He says when the citizenry is not involved, there is a disconnect from the blessings of helping and the joy of serving to be a part of the solution to stopping the cycle of prison recidivism.

636 Segment 1

Systems Fail The State and Citizenry, Need to Rebuild:  Education, Economy & Regulations (8:38 minutes)

Wayne Hughes expresses concerns about the current education system, citing destructive policies that give advantage to Spanish speaking versus English speaking students.  He calls for the citizenry to “take back” their responsibilities from government.  He points out the relationship of municipal bankruptcies due to lending policies that discourage responsibility.  He is concerned about misguided regulations, and is dismayed that collectivism appears to be on the rise, making capitalism a bad word.

636 Segment 2
What Happens When  Citizenry Is Uninformed?…..The Government Takes Over. (11:15 minutes)

Wayne Hughes shares his assessment about the rise of corruption in the governmental process.  He says government, especially here in California,  changes our weights and measures all the time.  He says with a metric system that is inconsistent, such as the definition of poverty, or spending per pupil, we never know where we are.   He says that people are in a state of distraction, but need to get involved and not be deterred even though it appears that the politicians of both parties have made certain the ” books are cooked.”

636 Segment 3  

Where is America Headed? Citizenry To Awaken?  Where is Public Access TV? (7:25 Min)

In this last segment Wayne Hughes comments on the demise of Public Access Television and sums up the outlook for America, pondering  the action necessary to preserve liberty and freedom.  He is hopeful but cautious as the American system of government veers toward collectivism.

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