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Los Angeles, CA   This series features Alex Alexiev who reveals the Real Energy Revolution and new technology that shows promise to reduce the cost of oil and gas in the United States and will allow the U. S. to become independent from foreign oil in the near future.  He compares the limitations of so called  “Renewable Energy” programs that were developed out of desire to eliminate global warming by controlling green house gases.  He compares conventional energy to renewable energy and the the practicality of both. This is part 1 of a three part series consisting of nine video segments of approximately 8-10 minutes each.  Alexiev is an international scholar who who for many years was affiliated with the Rand Corporation as a foremost researcher and author on international security issues.  He is now affiliated with the Hudson Institute and is a frequent contributor to National Review and other journals.   Here the summary for each of the nine segments of this interview with Alex Alexiev available on the Internet and on public able channels in cities throughout California and in major cities throughout the United States.

Segment #1:  The discovery of enormous conventional energy resources in the United States has been made possible  by the development of new technology that provides a cost effect way to access and extract the resources for world wide use.   Alexiev describes the new technology that  has made it possible to reach natural gas and oil from  shale without adverse consequences.  He says the new discoveries and  process will allow the United States  to become self sufficient and the number one exporter of energy in the world.

Segment #2:  Alex Alexiev describes the  process known as “fracking”  that has become controversial and is being debated across the country, but in this interview he points to the assurances made by one of the nations leading environmentalists, Ms. Lisa Jackson Director the EPA “we have no evidence of water contamination on account of fracking”.  The allegations that “fracking” can cause earthquakes but no evidence has been produced to substantiate  such claims.  Testimony from grassroots and community meetings are provided in this segment to demonstrate the concerns and fears of skeptics of the “fracking” process.

Segment #3:  Featured here is Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich first campaigned  on this issue that it is now known there is massive more oil in the United States than the U S Geological survey once believed.   The true amount of oil is currently unknown because every time they explore for oil they find more.   Alexiev points to the increase in production of oil has encourage the  exporting of derivatives due to the availability of shale oil that promotes the promise of becoming independent from Arab Oil.   He says the reason we do not hear more about these new sources of oil     Means that the price of oil  is going to drop drastically and the cost of gas fired electricity which is a fraction of the cost of solar or wind energy.

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