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Los Angeles, CA   This series features Alex Alexiev who reveals the Real Energy Revolution and new technology that shows promise to reduce the cost of oil and gas in the United States and will allow the U. S. to become independent from foreign oil in the near future.  He compares the limitations of so called  “Renewable Energy” programs that were developed out of desire to eliminate global warming by controlling green house gases.  He compares conventional energy to renewable energy and the the practicality of both. This is part 1 of a three part series consisting of nine video segments of approximately 8-10 minutes each.  Alexiev is an international scholar who who for many years was affiliated with the Rand Corporation as a foremost researcher and author on international security issues.  He is now affiliated with the Hudson Institute and is a frequent contributor to National Review and other journals.   Here the summary for each of the nine segments of this interview with Alex Alexiev available on the Internet and on public able channels in cities throughout California and in major cities throughout the United States.

Segment #7:    Alexiev declares that California is no longer an industrial power. He cites that California businesses that are dependent upon cheap and/or reliable energy that is not available in California.  No new computer “chip” plants like Intel, have been built in  California due to the fact that we now import 25% of of our energy from coal fire plants in Utah and Oregon. Soon we will be getting energy from Mexico Alexiev says.  Google is now one of the largest companies and their headquarters are in Silicon Valley but their “server farms” are warehouses with 10,000 15,000 computer servers that rely upon cheap and reliable energy.   Auto plants have left California because cheap or reliable energy available in not available.

Segment #8:  Mr. Alexiev maintains that if California were to pursue a conventional energy  plan we could return to prosperity. The availability of oil is all around us where huge amounts of oil seep out to the surface of the coastline in Santa Barbara. The oil companies are blamed by residents for the seepage but in fact the seepage is a natural occurrence that has been going on for years.  Elitists who have promoted renewable energy,  claim it is good or the people to pay more, when it is not necessary.

Segment #9:  American people are waking up to the reality.  Global Warming is now called “Climate Change” this is due to changing attitudes about subsidizing renewable energy programs.  The Solyndra half- billion dollar government guaranteed loan, just before it went bankrupt,  has contributed to the awakening in America.  There is no longer enough money to subsidize utopian schemes.    You cannot continue to subvert the market and hope for prosperity too.  Alexiev explains why Warren Buffett got into the subsidized energy business.  He says if the government is giving away taxpayers  money why not, you cannot loose.

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