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Los Angeles, CA   This series features Alex Alexiev who reveals the Real Energy Revolution and new technology that shows promise to reduce the cost of oil and gas in the United States and will allow the U. S. to become independent from foreign oil in the near future.  He compares the limitations of so called  “Renewable Energy” programs that were developed out of desire to eliminate global warming by controlling green house gases.  He compares conventional energy to renewable energy and the the practicality of both. This is part 1 of a three part series consisting of nine video segments of approximately 8-10 minutes each.  Alexiev is an international scholar who who for many years was affiliated with the Rand Corporation as a foremost researcher and author on international security issues.  He is now affiliated with the Hudson Institute and is a frequent contributor to National Review and other journals.   Here the summary for each of the nine segments of this interview with Alex Alexiev available on the Internet and on public able channels in cities throughout California and in major cities throughout the United States.

Segment 4:

Segment #4:  Stock values for “green industry” have dropped dramatically (90%) and the reason is that the renewable solar energy is not practical in regions where climate is overcast.  Without sunshine solar energy is impractical. German is a good example of where subsidized solar energy has driven up costs to the consumers and the taxpayers. That is why they realized solar energy makes no sense.   Alexiev points to the renewable energy companies that are going bankrupt and cannot exist without subsidies.

Segment 5:

Segment #5:  Global Warming fears and the rise of the “Green Party” sparked  the disasterous energy policies that promoted Germany’s methodical renewable energy programs that are destroying it’s future, according to Alex Alexiev.  He says Germany has been the largest exporter of machines in the world.   If electricity becomes so expensive says it will be impossible for them to compete.  Alexiev describes the powerful political forces in Germany who have been responsible for fostering the policies that forced Germany to move away from conventional energy.  He compares the U S subsidized Solyndra disaster that demonstrated these programs are not capable of working.

Segment 6:

Segment #6: Alexiev describes the same irrational policies in Germany are happening here in the United States.  The Solyndra, bankruptcy is only one of a number of solar companies, wind companies that are going bankrupt because it simply is not economically feasible.  “Let me give you an example of where I live which is in the San Luis Obispo County.  the environmentalists are doing the same thing that they’re doing in Germany. And the results will be pretty much the same.   San Luis Obispo County approved two solar projects, one that is now being built.  It’s called the   California Valley Solar Ranch, CVSR.  This is a project that received $1.2 billion of government loan guarantees.  This California Valley Solar Ranch will have,  12 permanent jobs.  These are mostly people that will squeegee the solar panels from dust.  That’s what that will be.  Picture it.  $1.2 billion dollars for 12 jobs.  That’s a $100 million dollar a job. Well we’re all paying for that because it came straight from the Obama stimulus package.  So it’s taxpayers’ money.  On top of that the local utility called PG&E signed a contract, forced by the government to sign a contract to buy energy from this solar plant at 50 percent above market rate.  Who’s paying for that?  The customers of PG&E.  What’s the total?  $453 million over the life of the contract which is 20 years. ”  Read the entire transcript as a Full Disclosure Insider and subscriber.

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