Los Angeles, CA. – Is the ultimate gang solution near? In a FREE thirteen minute FULL DISCLOSURE NETWORK® video news blog Steve Ipsen, President of the Association of Deputy District Attorneys and Jerry Thompson, retired Sheriffs Deputy say yes and they describe the process. The courts could require juvenile offenders to wear GPS tracking devices thus deterring adult gang members from recruiting them into unlawful and violent activities, according to Ipsen, the result would be “divide and conquer the gangs”. The FDN video news blog is moderated Emmy Award winning host Leslie Dutton and available FREE, 24/7, on demand and provided as a public service.

The biggest break ever in the war against gangs is ready to be employed. So says 20 year veteran prosecutor Steve Ipsen, all that is needed is for law enforcement and judicial officials is to endorse the use of new technology available for a GPS tacking system and a few modifications to the California Penal Code. Retired Sheriffs DeputyThompson confirms the technology is here and already being deployed for similar uses.

Among the novel uses for the device in fighting gang crimes and a proposal on how to pay for it:

  • Change Penal Code: Adult gang members found using juveniles would be guilty of a felony
  • Send juveniles gang members to a 2 week boot camp to learn about “Three Strikes Law”
  • Send juveniles to 1 week boot camp to learn how GPS tracking systems sounds alarm to monitors when curfews are violated, they skip school, fail to show up for work assignments or even wander into rival gang territory
  • The cost of the GPS devices and monitoring service could be paid by taxing released criminals and parolees $50 per year for Drivers Licenses
  • Parolees could be monitored as well, so if suspected of a particular crime their location could be verified and they could be arrested or removed from suspicion


Following the video viewers are asked to vote on the following survey questions:

  • Should the state be authorized to place tracking devices on known gang juveniles?
  • Should the parole system use tracking technology?
  • Do you fear technology could threaten civil rights?

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