Traffic Gridlock Disaster in LA

Los Angeles, CA – Civic Watchdogs, industrial leaders, Public Safety and Civil Engineers provide insight to the cause of L A’s reputation as #1 WORLD’s worst traffic gridlock. After spending billions in taxpayers funds with billions more pledged for future decades, Gridlock solutions are elusive due to Conflicting strategies that confound the city fathers.

Cost of Traffic Congestion #1

Duration: 8:55

Money down a rathole

Is Over-Development the Problem? #2

Duration: 13:58

Are Developers Causing Traffic Gridlock?

Why Was Measure M Doomed to Failure #3

Duration: 12:49

Citizens vs the Power Brokers

Money Wasted #4

Duration: 16:48

Transportation Bureaucrats Burning Billions

What the Professionals are Planning #5

Duration: 15:09

Be warned: it's not for your convenience!

LA Metro Creating Gridlock #6

Duration: 18:10

Is it intentional?

Why is the Problem Never Solved? #7

Duration: 18:24

No matter how many bonds we approve.

What is Wrong with LA? #8

Duration: 10:15

LA's Traffic Madness

Who Plans for Events and Disasters? #9

Duration: 15:03

Are we ready?

The Thomas Plan #10

Duration: 11:25

Traffic Gridlock Remedy?

The Politicians #11

Duration: 13:31

Traffic Pipe Dreams

Metro Monster #12

Duration: 8:08

Cost Overruns

LA Mis-Directs Traffic #13

Duration: 5:04

Senator Attacks LA Traffic Plan

Cal Trans: Model of Inefficiency #14

Duration: 8:01

State Senator John Moorlach blames the unions for the waste and mismanagement of Cal-Trans, the organization that spends $500 million to maintain and upgrade the disastrous roadways and state highways in California.

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