Had enough of Britney Spears? Tired of Paris Hilton? Want a contrast with the fluff news programming on every day television? You must be ready for the only “the news behind the news Program” The Full Disclosure Network® has been delivering “the news behind the news” featuring the REAL people discussing and debating the REAL issues with the REAL leaders.

Watch Now:

Two minute video on our activities at NATPE 2008, (National Association of Television Programming Executives) Followed by a one minute backgrounder on “Who We Are” then, followed by a 5 minute video screener showing the “Best of Full Disclosure”

Find out about why Full Disclosure Network:

  • Is so different and unique
  • Why the program motivates viewers into thinking, reasoning and taking action to make our Representative Democracy work.
  • The 8-10 minute Video News Blogs or the full length half hour and hour programs
  • How Full Disclosure Network®involves the audience with opinion-poll surveys and video blog postings
  • The interactive nature of the shows involves people in the actual discussions.

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