Los Angeles, CA (1-28-08) The Emmy Award-winning cable access show Full Disclosure Network® is marking its 15th Anniversary as a first-time exhibitor at the NATPE (National Association of Television Programming Executives) convention in Las Vegas January 28th through the 31st. To commemorate the occasion Producers Leslie Dutton and T. J. Johnston are showcasing a collection of their “the news behind the news” programs on important issues. Television programming executives and distributors attending the convention are invited to view the shows on big screen television at the Full Disclosure Booth #1400 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Convention Center.

The Full Disclosure Network® has billed itself as “the news behind the news” since 1992. This unique program was developed as a “Reality News” format. Producer and Host Leslie Dutton was inspired to create the program when, as a long-time civic activist in Santa Monica, she realized the need to involve real people and the real leaders to discuss real issues. By providing a platform, guests with contrasting and sometimes heated views were recruited to debate issues such as homelessness, vagrancy, street crime and drugs and to explore solutions to problems. Viewers are invited to call a 1-800 number to vote on issues or post comments on the website at

When Full Disclosure tackled the controversial issue of Presidential Investigations, it was at the height of the Clinton impeachment debate and it opened the door to expand the program to national issues. A thirteen-hour series entitled “The Prosecutor and the Presidency” features hour-long interviews with all but one former U.S. Attorney General and all the Special and independent prosecutors who were involved in Presidential investigations from Watergate to Whitewater. Among the Attorneys General interviewed for the series were Richard Kleindienst and Elliot Richardson who related their experiences while in the White House during the Watergate era. Both Kleindienst and Richardson along with Prosecutor Archibald Cox have gone on to take their place in history leaving behind their Full Disclosure interviews that eventually proved to be their last on record. Video clips from their interviews were later used in a Full Disclosure Forum with the Attorneys General and Prosecutors, videotaped in Washington, D. C. and is part of the series promoted for distribution at NATPE.

On June 29th, 2002, history was made by Full Disclosure when it became the first independently produced and privately funded cable access series to be presented with a local Emmy, by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. for excellence in the field of Informational/Public Affairs programming. Others nominated in the same category were all broadcast television stations. The Emmy Award-winning multi-part series, “L.A.’s War Against Terrorism,” investigated local and regional anti-terror measures in the wake of 9/11. It featured interviews with local law enforcement, labor leaders, and elected officials.

Full Disclosure brings to NATPE a wealth of “the news behind the news” programming featuring over 500 interviews with guests ranging from Larry Flynt, Cardinal Roger Mahony, U.S. Attorneys General, Prosecutors and Criminal Defense Lawyers, Police Chiefs, Sheriffs, School Administrators and parents and citizens working for government accountability.

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