Los Angeles, CA . According to former U. S. Attorney General Edwin Meese, III, the Reagan Tax Revolution including California’s Proposition 13 are being circumvented when government uses such debt gimmicks as non-voter approved tax-exempt bonds, known as Certificates of Participation (COPs) and Tax Revenue Anticipation Bonds (TRANS) to raise revenues for the ever increasing annual spending. This part-two of the Meese interview will be featured on the Full Disclosure Network® cable channels starting Monday, June 13th for the next six months.

Meese who served as Chief of Staff to California Governor Ronald Reagan and during the Reagan Presidential Administration, told Emmy Award winning host Leslie Dutton there needs to be a comprehensive look at the state of pornography, 20 years after his 1985 Commission in light of the Internet. This review should evaluate the technological means for prosecution, the laws needed, and protections for the children. Meese also said a new commission on Internet pornography could make recommendations for the legislative process.

In the third segment of this Part-two Ed Meese describes the 1970’s California reform legislation which released the mentally ill from warehouses and who some say have contributed to the homeless problem on the streets for the next three decades.

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