Watch this short (8 min) video documentary on the Foreign Student Visa explosion in the United States revealing how U S Government efforts to crack down on Foreign Student Visas abuse has been thwarted in the past.

Featured in This Video

Jimmy White, UCLA International Student Center, Legal Counsel
Richard Knickerbocker, Constitutional Attorney
Georgie Ann Geyer, International Syndicated Columnist
Leslie Dutton, Full Disclosure Network

U.S. Education Lobby – International Education Assn.

has long promoted Foreign Student Visa loopholes as a means to generate exorbitant tuition fees paid by foreign students at U.S University and College institutions. More recently these powerful influencers have also contributed to the explosion of foreign students in the US and undisclosed foreign donations to universities and colleges.

Corona-virus Impact

The long standing Foreign Student Visa Loopholes have allowed US entry for perpetrators of the 911 Terrorist attack on New York Twin Towers. These loopholes may now be threatened with extinction as the United States joins the world in taking measures to contain the deadly Corona-virus.

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