Featuring ROGER CARRICK, former Special Legal Counsel to the LAUSD Inspector General and a member of the District Attorney’s Ad Hoc Task Force on the Belmont corruption investigation. CARRICK responds to video clips of Full Disclosure Network® interview with D. A. Steve Cooley where he denies that investigators presented a “draft indictment” or named names or presented any evidence of a crime. CARRICK accuses Cooley of making false statements in that interview.

Pressure from powerful interests and a “lack of courage” on the part of the top managers in the L. A. County District Attorney’s office are blamed for preventing prosecutions in the Belmont High School corruption investigation. Roger Carrick, former Special Legal Counsel to the LAUSD Inspector General told Full Disclosure Network® “We felt a lot of pressure. A number of the companies that were under investigation hired public relations firms”..”A lot of these large entities did everything they could to create an atmosphere so that it would be difficult for the facts to come out.”

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