Los Angeles, CA As a part of an on-going series entitled “Judicial Benefits & Court Corruption”, the Full Disclosure Network® presents the fifth segment, on line, in its entirety, for Internet viewers. The half-hour program will also be featured on over 40cable television systems in California, Washington D.C., Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Arizona and more.

NEWSPAPER SLANTED?  A June 7, 2009 Los Angeles Times article entitled “LAWYER TAKES A STAND FROM HIS CELL” provoked response and criticism from supporters of jailed Anti-Trust Attorney Richard I. Fine who is being held in civil contempt of court for over 100 days following his attempt to disqualify L. A. Superior Court Judge David Yaffe from hearing a case where Fine contends he was biased. Featured in the video are taking the L. A. Times to task, is Fred Sottile, John Rizzo

JUDICIAL BIAS?  In the full program, providing background and perspective on the issue of judicial bias and the recent U. S. Supreme Court ruling in Caperton vs Massey is prominent Appellate Court Attorney, Robert S. Gerstein, Ph.D. who is an Emeritus Professor in Political Science at UCLA. He describes the recent case that overturned a West Virginia Supreme Court decision where one of the Justices had received a $3 million campaign contribution from one of the parties in the case and who went on to cast the deciding vote in favor of Massey the contributor.

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