Los Angeles, CA. On the Fourth of July, victims of an unarmed robbery were captured on videotape during commission of the crimes. The perpetrator of the crimes repeatedly abuses the victims as the FULL DISCLOSURE NETWORK® videotapes the entire proceedings and interviews witnesses. On the video it is explained how the victims were lured to the scene of the crime by the Los Angeles Times splashy coverage of the L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa sex scandal on the front page. This eight-minute, FULL DISCLOSURE® Video News Blog is available free on the Internet website.

Here are a few highlights from the Video News Blog:

  • Perpetrator: The “Unarmed Robber” in this series of crimes is actually a newspaper vending machine where Los Angeles Times newspapers are offered for sale to readers who are willing to put two quarters into a malfunctioning machine.
  • The Victims: Are local residents and beach goers near the corner of Washington Blvd. and Dell Street in Venice, California.
  • Witnesses: Grocery store clerks tell FULL DISCLOSURE’S® host Leslie Dutton that the L.A. Times vending machine has not worked for years. They say that their customers complain about the machine taking their quarters and want them to “fix” the machine, even though it belongs to the L. A. Times.
  • The Victims: Offer their thoughts and suggestions as to how to rectify the situation. One victim hits the machine and tries to tilt it over to get it to work.  Another describes how file a Superior Court complaint against the L. A. Times, in order for people to get their money back.

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