Los Angeles, CA. The Full Disclosure Network® (FDN) presents a six minute Internet Video preview, on demand, 24/7, with former California Secretary of State Bill Jones, founder and chairman of the board of Pacific Ethanol Corporation.

Bill Jones covered the following issues:

What are the reasons for shifting to Ethanol instead of gasoline made from fossil fuels?

  • Ban on MTBE the gasoline oxygenate because of ground water pollution
  • Federal Government, Bush Administration moving away from dependence on foreign oil
  • Ethanol is a renewable fuel, made from corn, more readily available than fossil fuels
  • California’s dairy industry uses corn, logistics for distilling ethanol in the state are good

What pressures have generated political support for Ethanol as an alternative fuel?

  • Environmental demands to reduce hydrocarbons
  • Public outrage at gasoline pump prices
  • Infrastructure for process/delivery of Ethanol already in place
  • Desire to create more employment and increase tax revenue

Will government maintain support for Bio Fuel incentives?

  • Crisis management does cause shift in focus but conditions appear favorable
  • The U.S. is currently producing 4.5 billion gallons Ethanol annually
  • We need7.5 billion gallons annually and are importing the difference from Brazil
  • Growing need for less dependence for foreign oil from Iran, Iraq, Venezuela
  • Open market for Ethanol

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