Los Angeles, CA. In a seven minute Full Disclosure Network® Video News Blog United States Attorney Debra Yang and retired L. A. County Sheriff Sergeant Richard Valdemar discuss the problems of gang members and illegal foreign nationals working as airport baggage handlers and in high security areas of airports and who have access to the tarmacs and commercial airliners. This video is available FREE, on demand, 24/7 as a public service.

Airport Security Scrambles

While U. S. airport security officials are scrambling to confiscate toiletries, baby formula and personal beverages from airline passengers, it would appear an even greater danger lurks behind the scenes in airline operations.

Terrorist Access to Airports

One suspect recently arrested in the terrorist plot to bomb airliners bound for the United States, was reported to have full access to Heathrow Airport. The real threat of terrorist acts being perpetrated by gang members and foreign nationals working for the airlines has not drawn much media attention, yet experts have expressed concern and airline management contend they cannot inquire as to an applicant’s affiliation with a gang or any other organization.

Richard Valdemar, retired after 33 years with the L. A. County Sheriff’s Department OSS gang detail. He describes some the following concerns about airport safety:

  • Drug oriented, rival gangs employed by airlines, having access to the cargo holds.
  • Rival gang signs have been found present inside the cargo holds
  • Danger of guns and gang shoot-outs in close proximity to the airplanes
  • Lack of background checks by airlines
  • Hiring of foreign nationals, illegal immigrants for baggage handling

U.S. Attorney Debra Yang told Full Disclosure Network® (FDN) that 80 illegal immigrants were arrested (and prosecuted) who worked at Los Angeles International Airport, after 9/11 for the following:

  • Falsifying employment documents
  • Unreported prior criminal convictions
  • Falsely claiming resident and citizenship status
  • Working in security positions without proper background checks

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