Guest Speaker:  Global media technology expert Fred Fourcher (CEO Bitcentral)
Watch the Video Report (10 minutes)

Full Disclosure Network (FDN) has accomplished much in 2015 as described in this video by Leslie Dutton Host and Executive Producer. Also featured are speakers at our December 13th holiday event Paul Orfanedes, Litigation Director of Judicial Watch and global media technology expert, Fred Fourcher, who is founder and CEO of the Irvine Californa based Bitcentral and who describes FDNs’  2016 plans to expand to a Digital Asset Management System that will house the archives of the Emmy Award-winning public affairs Internet TV program .

The FDN project involves preservation of almost 25 years of video interviews, debates and discussions featuring prominent government officials, newsmakers on public policy issues. Paul Orfanedes described the importance of preserving the FDN programs and showed some examples of public documents his organization obtained under the US Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) that included the GW Bush Administration’s Iraqi Oil Well Maps to demonstrate the importance of preserving public records.
The FDN Preservation and Digital Asset Management System is to be used for development of documentary and public policy programming to provide historical background to the general public via Internet TV all digital platforms.

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