What does fired FBI Director James Comey have in common with Deep Throat (Mark Felt) the #2 FBI official in the Nixon Administration? Both were “unnamed sources” in what appears to be efforts to take down United States Presidents.

It was a well kept secret for many years that Mark Felt was actually “DEEP THROAT” while serving as the #2 ranking FBI Director during the Watergate Presidential scandal. Felt’s identity was revealed shortly before his death in 2005 that he was actually Woodward’s unnamed source.

The issue of using “unnamed sources” is the topic in this Full Disclosure video debate between Edwin Meese III former U .S, Attorney General in the Reagan Administration and Watergate journalist Bob Woodward who defends using “unnamed sources.”

The Washington Post described Mark Felt as being disgruntled when he learned that President Nixon would not appoint him to succeed J. Edgar Hoover as FBI Director and that Felt believed the agency was being taken over by the Nixon White House and he wanted the Agency to remain independent.

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