Washington D.C.  The Full Disclosure Network® (FDN) presents a seven minute video entitled  FBI, The Media and Unnamed Sources featuring excerpted clips from  a heated  2000 debate between Edwin Meese III who served as U .S, Attorney General in the Reagan Administration and Robert Woodward, the Washington Post Pulitzer prize winning Watergate reporter defended using unnamed sources.  Ironically, at the time of the debate, it was not known that “Deep Throat” was actually Woodward’s unnamed source and the #2 ranking FBI Director during the Watergate cover-up.  The identity of Mark Felt was revealed shortly before his death in 2005.  In this video debate Ed Meese explains the real danger to the public when reporters rely upon “self-serving” unnamed sources.

The Washington Post  described Mark Felt as him as having ambitions to succeed J. Edgar Hoover as Director of the FBI. According to the Washington Post Mr. Felt thought the agency was being taken over by the Nixon White House and he wanted the Agency to remain independent.  Most recently news reports on FBI investigations have noted that  both  Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump have been confronted with media leaks implicating high ranking FBI and  intelligence officials that threaten the authority of  U S Presidents.

Full Disclosure will soon release the entire 13 hour series entitled “The Prosecutor & The Presidency” covering how America investigates the Presidency featuring  two hour Forum and individual interviews with all the U.S. Attorneys General and Special and Independent Prosecutors who were involved in Presidential investigations from Watergate to Whitewater and beyond.

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