Segment #1: Immigration Bill Guarantees Amnesty

Alex Alexiev, a Republican and naturalized citizen, warns that the Immigration Bill Modernization Act SB 744 will have the same results as the 1987 implemented bill that gave amnesty to three million illegal immigrants. He cites Harvard University Professor of Economics and Social Policy, George Borjas, who teaches at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, as saying that many illegal aliens, especially Mexicans, use citizenship to ensure that they get welfare benefits when they receive amnesty. Alexiev notes that Republicans are known for restricting entitlements.



Segment #2: Unholy Alliance: Business & Democrats–Profit from Amnesty

Alex Alexiev expresses major concerns that the Immigration Bill would impact the security of the U.S. with millions of illiterate people coming into America, rather than the intelligent, well-educated people that want to enter the country legally. He states that Democrats have a clear interest in letting illegal aliens into the country to reap benefits from new Democratic voters. Alexiev explains that the powerful, prominent Republican supporters of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have a different motivation in wanting cheap labor from illegal aliens rather than paying what it costs to hire American citizens.



Segment #3: Immigration Bill to End American Dream

Alex Alexiev describes big business Republicans signing on to a leftist agenda, and says they are happy to have taxpayers foot the bill as they support the immigration amnesty bill. He notes that it cost California $20 billion to provide services for two-and-a-half to three million illegal aliens, and points to the very profitable bottom line of receiving cheap labor from unskilled illegal aliens. He refers to one-party rule as the Institutional Revolutionary Party, similar to the one running Mexico in 1971. Alexiev believes Republicans supporting the Immigration Bill are delusional, and that passing it is toxic to the U.S.


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