LA County’s Dean Logan vs Orange County’s Neal Kelly

State Election Laws Subverted Who’s Right ?

Los Angeles, CA The Full Disclosure Network® Presents a 4 min video featuring two Southern California County Registrars of Voters who describe on Camera their own interpretation of California Election Laws. Orange County policy appears to subvert the state law saying records should be open for inspection to the public.

Voter Signatures Required by Law

Voters are required to sign the precinct rosters in order to be issued a ballot. But many times there are more ballots counted than there are signatures on the Precinct Roster, raising the question where did the ballots come from? For some reason the FDN citizen review panel was banned by Orange County election official Neal Kelly who told them that the CA “Statutes” did not permit them to look at or count the signatures. Watch Video Here..

Secrecy vs State Law Requires Open Records

The video features OC’s Neal Kelly encounter with Citizen watchdogs waiting to inspect the records and by contrast Dean Logan of Los Angeles County says yes that is the law… Citizens can inspect the records

Election Integrity Series Soon Available

This entire multi-episode series features links to election documents including a complaint filed on a Santa Monica City election. demonstrating the extreme tactics used by government election officials to manipulate election outcomes.

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