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Segment #1 Experts Reveal DOJ & HUD Actions

This  Part Two of the series features former U.S. Prosecutor Richard I. Fine and Daniel Gottlieb, Ph.D. providing commentary on the involvement of the Department and Justice and HUD on the “Shores” Real Estate development in Marina del Rey that at one time would have been a “sure thing”. According to Fine, this project is much more risky and difficult to get HUD financing for a complex that set aside only 54 units for low income residents. When it could be used for providing housing for low income residents who are in need of assistance during the down turn of the economy. Former U S Prosecutor Richard I. Fine describes how HUD funds are being diverted from low income housing to this luxury 500 unit apartment project even when critical information was withheld on the HUD Application.

Segment #2: U.S. Attorney…”We Don’t Investigate Crimes”

Richard Fine tells Full Disclosure that the U S Attorney’s claim the DOJ does not investigate crimes is preposterous. He describes how a questionable HUD loan guarantee for luxury apartments in Marina del Rey appears to be a Federal Crime. Fine says the developer’s failure to disclose a bankruptcy in their $125 million HUD application is an indication that his Marina del Rey “Shores” project will have an uncertain outcome and could be costly to taxpayers.

Segment #3: How To Prosecute LA County Racketeering Enterprise

Richard Fine says it would only take a couple of days and a couple of people and a three day trial to convict the public officials involved. Simply put, he describes the evidence: 1.A falsified HUD Loan application for a $125 million loan guarantee is submitted 2.HUD tries to cover it up calling for the documents to be returned and destroyed 3.U S Attorney’s office of the Department of Justice declines a request to investigate stating “we don’t conduct investigations” 4.Richard Fine calls for an “easy” prosecution using a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR appointed by a three judge panel.

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