Deputy District Attorney Steve Ipsen is launching a campaign for “Reform First” that will prevent early felony releases by prioritizing public safety, that will delay sentencing for first-time and small-drug-sale offenders who agree to work a legitimate job for one year. In a seven minute video, Ipsen describes how the offenders’ sentences could be delayed and reduced to a misdemeanor offense from a “felony” to avoid the stigma of a felony record. That way, he says, this will reduce jail overcrowding and “early releases” so that Hard Core Felons and Murderers will stay in jail.

Many offenders who are jobless and desperate get caught in a “small-time” drug sale that could label them as Felons for the rest of their lives. Ipsen believes that these offenders deserve a chance to avoid the felon label by proving they are not drug dealers. By serving their initial time in jail then proving they worked at a regular job for at least a year, their sentence will be delayed and reduced to a misdemeanor. This, Ipsen says, will help with the jail overcrowding problem to keep hard-core felons and murderers in jail longer. Viewers are asked to participate in an online opinion survey at the end of the video.

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