Segment #1 Salvation vs Housing: Union Rescue Mission vs Government Programs
County of LA is at odds with the Union Rescue Mission (URM). According the Rev. Andy Bales, Chief Executive Officer of the URM care provided to homeless was blamed for adding to the homeless problems in L A County. The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, a County/City joint government agency that oversees multi-millions in Federal funds for emergency shelter and housing apparently does not want homeless families to be taken in off the street by the URM.   LAHSA Executive Director Michael Arnold said what they want is for homeless families to stay in their communities, so the community will provide for them.

Segment #2 Conflict Over Homeless Care
Are homeless families being used as “pawns” in the battle for control over Federal Funding? L A County Administrator Mike Arnold says the local City Councils should address the problem. But Rev. Andy Bales says that the Union Rescue Mission has been to “take in” the homeless and needy families when and where needed for the past 120 years.

Segment #3 Homeless Funds Withheld From Faith Based Agency
Life Transformation is #1 goal of the Union Rescue Mission for the down and out. But L A County appears to discourage this approach. URM stepped up to provide emergency shelter services when other agencies would not, they soon learned that the efforts were not appreciated.

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