Program Preview:

Segment #1Battle For Homeless Federal Funds or Homeless Souls?

Mike Arnold of LAHSA Los Angeles Homeless Services Agency describes how he administers the multi-millions in Federal Funds for homeless programs in LA County. He says that permanent housing for homeless and shares concern that Union Rescue Mission efforts to provide hope and spiritual care because the secular way providing public procurement for services is how LAHSA approaches the problem of homeless.

Segment #5 Privately Funded Homeless Programs Fill Void

Union Rescue Mission vows to continue winter emergency services for the homeless with private funds. He says that year round services are the goal to solve the problem. This need is what activated Rev. Andy Bales describes how his home video of Hospital Dumping patients on LA Skid Row went viral on TV and forced the hospital to stop their “dumping” practices. He bristled when told by LAHSA to “close your doors” to homeless families with children” so the communities would step up to help them.

Segment #6 Government Goal is Housing–Not Serving–The Homeless

Union Rescue Mission’s method of providing private support for life transformation classes, that require sobriety and not just “three hots and cot “is the most effective . LAHSA Government programs are targeting the chronically homeless with housing using Federal Funds from HUD (Dept. of Housing & Urban Development. ) The objective for both is to establish Regional services but differ on how to do it. Mike Arnold tells of Government Plan to end homelessness by working with the L A Chamber Task Force and United Way.

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