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Segment 1: Leadership: The Buck Stops at the Top LASD Under Sheriff Paul Tanaka (ret.) is a current candidate for Sheriff. Tanaka ranks the LASD at 50% effectiveness under Baca, stating that the vast majority are hardworking, but suffered from embarrassment and a lack of leadership. He divulges that one of the reasons he left after proudly serving 31 years was the void in direction and leadership. Tanaka charges that Baca’s worldwide travels, his lack of engagement with hot topics and daily activities, and the allure of a title and power, led to a lack of accountability. Tanaka blames the lack of public trust and eroding hiring practices for the downward spiral of the department and Baca.


Segment 2: Baca Blamed Underlings for Failure LASD Under Sheriff Paul Tanaka (ret.) is a current candidate for Sheriff. Tanaka reveals that Baca’s claims of people keeping things from him was true because Baca didn’t want to hear it. He describes meetings with Baca and high-ranking men and women, where he would admonish them to speak up and tell Baca what the problems were, and they told him no because they were fearful of Baca’s reaction. Tanaka describes Internal Affairs as an absolute necessity but criticizes the process. He discusses how an accusation of administrative wrongdoing results in an overly-lengthy process, leaving the accused individual embittered, and describes the position as a breeding ground for promotion and individuals with no experience in investigations. He is critical of the Citizens Commission on Jail Violence because no one was sworn in when they testified.


Segment 3: Who Cooked the Books? LASD Under Sheriff Paul Tanaka (ret.) is a current candidate for Sheriff. Tanaka talks about violence against inmates in the jail and states that when he was in charge of the Custody Division, there were not the problems reported today. He describes his rule of thumb for Captains and Commanders as being expected to do their jobs, but if they need help they should ask for it. Tanaka recalls an incident where the Captain reported having a few problem deputies out of over 700 deputies and wanted to implement mass rotations for all deputies. Tanaka said he took exception to what he called mass punishment for all because of a few and told the Captain to handle it differently. He describes his background as a CPA, calling for open books and transparency. Tanaka describes the Narcotic Asset Forfeiture seizures and states that he personally signed and had to approve every request for eleven years for the disbursement of those funds according to state and federal guidelines.

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