This is Part One of a two-part series. Be sure to watch the ENTIRE Program!

Segment 1: A Proper Interview with Paul Tanaka

The day after KFI’s John & Ken humiliated Paul Tanaka, Candidate for Sheriff, on their radio show by interrupting him every single time he tried to speak, Full Disclosure gave him a “proper” interview. Here is a preview of that interview where he gave us the whole story as to why he rose so quickly up the ranks in the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept. from Deputy to Chief to Undersheriff and the 2nd most powerful official in the Nation’s largest Sheriff’s Dept.

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Segment 2: LASD Budget Gatekeeper

LASD Under Sheriff Paul Tanaka (ret.) is a current candidate for Sheriff. Tanaka reveals his sometimes difficult relationship with Sheriff Baca over the budget initially, but that Baca put his full trust in Tanaka’s handling of the huge system involving Metro Link, nine community colleges, 12 contract cities, the most complex jail system in the U.S., and trial court funding. He divulges that allegations of overspending on the overtime budget were more a clash of egos between staff and that Baca and the Board of Supervisors should have met personally to deal with the issue.

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Segment 3: Auditor Asks: Where’s the Money?

LASD Under Sheriff Paul Tanaka (ret.) is a current candidate for Sheriff. Tanaka describes being put in charge of the operations side and holding station captains personally accountable in weekly meetings for crimes in their areas by demanding they familiarize themselves with the problems. He explains the strict federal and state guidelines for spending money that was grouped in a special account fund, alleged to have been misappropriated, including the Narcotic Assets Forfeiture and Inmate Welfare Fund. Tanaka addresses his resignation on August 1, 2013, after Baca agreed with fault-finding in auditor’s report, and describes the internal power plays that occurred.

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