Associate Producer and Long-Time Full Disclosure Board Member John Baron passed away last June. This is our tribute to him and the contribution he made to all of us.

John Gibson Baron June 25, 1944 – June 23, 2014

Former General Manager Laemmle Theaters and long-time Board Member of the Full Disclosure Network passed away in Santa Monica two days shy of his 70th birthday. Born in Rochester, New York in 1944 to Greta Gibson Baron and Dr. George J. Baron, a radiologist. John graduated from Columbia University with a degree in English Literature and received a Masters Degree in Film and Television from UCLA.

On December 7, 2014, John Baron’s Life was celebrated at the Grand Opening of the Full Disclosure Network® Headquarters in Marina del Rey. An eight-minute video presentation featured clips from some of his T.V. appearances. View the video here:

A mass was held for John at Santa Monica St. Annes Catholic Church.

While attending Columbia University, John earned his place in history when he filed a shareholder lawsuit after discovering alleged corporate malfeasance when monitoring his stock portfolio. Although a legal novice, his lawsuit brought about the entire Allied Pictures Corp. Board of Directors to be removed and the recovery of fees and costs. This case, known as Baron v Allied Pictures Corp. 337 A.2d653(Del.Ch.1975) set a precedent that is cited in many cases to this day.

After earning his Masters Degree, he went to work for Max Laemmle of the Art House Theater chain who embraced the young John Baron whose work ethics and values he shared. John served for 14 years as Theater Manager for Laemmle who then promoted him to General Manager charged with supervising renovations and new theater construction projects for 18 years, eventually leaving the company following Max Laemmle’s death and 32 years of loyal service.

John became associated with the Full Disclosure Network ® Cable TV program in 1992 in Santa Monica after the body of a homeless woman was found in the dumpster behind the Laemmle Theater. As General Manager John spoke out against the City’s policies that engendered anti-social behavior on the streets of Santa Monica and posed a danger to the public and theater patrons.

John graduated from McQuaid Jesuit high school which, along with his family life, inspired the strong ethical and spiritual values that would become the mainstay of his life. Survived by brother Robert and sisters Susan (Paul Lazio) and Cindy (David Able).

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