Second Look: Woodward vs Meese Unnamed Sources/Leakers

Unnamed Sources Debate Revisited From Watergate to Leaker Scooter Libby ala Valerie Plame

Los Angeles, CA. – Watergate journalist turned author, Bob Woodward defends the ethics of the news media and the practice of using unnamed sources in a six (6) minute Full Disclosure™ Video News Blog. Woodward debates Edwin Meese, III, the former U. S. Attorney General in the Reagan administration at a Full Disclosure Network Forum held in Washington D.C. in 2000.  Billed as “the news behind the news” this Full Disclosure™ debate opens with comments from prominent Internet Blogger Michael Williams (Master of None) who fears that exempting news reporters from Federal Grand Jury subpoenas in the name of protecting their sources could lead to widespread abuse. Williams suggests that such an exemption could be extended to ordinary citizens such a bloggers.

Original Air Date: 11/29/05 Run time: 5:47

Ed Meese attacked the use of un-named sources (leakers) saying that the public could not determine for themselves whether the source was credible.Woodward counters the attack saying that un-named sources are tested for credibility, by the reporters. The Bob Woodward and Ed Meese debate took place in Washington D. C. as part of the Full Disclosure Network™ series entitled “The Prosecutor & The Presidency”, exploring how America investigates the Presidency.

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