Did LA City Council Play Politics With Minimum Wage Law?


They said it may not make economic sense. They claimed it was the “right thing to do.” They ignored the possibility that small businesses might have to lay off workers because of it. And now, Los Angeles has a $15 minimum wage law.


Why did they limit public debate? Was it political? Were our politicians trying to gain election-year support by giving lower-income voters a raise? Why did they pass it, in spite of numerous economists who said it could be detrimental to the very people it was trying to help? That’s “The News Behind The News.”


Full Disclosure held a Critical Issues luncheon April 13, 2016, at FDN headquarters in Marina del Rey.

Our featured guest speaker was Mr. H. Andrew Thornburg, a corporate turnaround expert with more than forty-five years of operating and consulting experience as a CEO, investment banker, and adviser. Thornburg conducted exhaustive research on the passage of the minimum wage law in Los Angeles and claims politicians did not adequately consider the economics of their decision to raise the wage to $15 an hour.

Mr. Thornburg holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering with national honors from the University of Wisconsin, an MS Industrial Engineering from UCLA, and an MBA in International Business and Quantitative Analysis from New York University. He is a graduate of Harvard Business Schools’ Advanced Management Program, was a Carnegie Scholar at Mexico’s Monterrey Tech and held a teaching fellowship in manufacturing processes at UCLA.

Watch the FDN 3-min preview:

Watch the complete 1-hour presentation:

Mr. Thornburg’s presentation slides available on request.




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