Minimum Wage Disaster Looming?

Behind Closed Doors

Alarm bells rang during this one hour presentation of graphs and quotes from studies prepared by economic experts as guest Speaker H. Andrew Thornburg, a Corporate Turn-Around Expert, established a strong case that the LA City Council failed to seek full examination of the economic consequences surrounding their $15 Minimum Wage Law before voting it into law earlier this month.

Watch the 3 min Video Clip

Governor Brown says:
“minimum wages may not make sense…”

Brown Webpage

Gov. Edmund G. Brown Jr.
“So, economically, minimum wages may not make sense.
But morally and socially and politically, they make every sense…”

FDN  Digital Asset Management System Progress Update


Full Disclosure Network continues to attack the monumental task of merging 24-years of videotaped programs into our Digital Asset Management System. More than 2-thousand database entries containing vast quantities of exclusive information have been placed into our system. We’re preparing to digitize, transcode and upload all of this material into the system for eventual use in documentary and public affairs programming.

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