The Truth About Baca & Tanaka? #660-2

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Todd Rogers, Assistant Sheriff to LASD Sheriff Lee Baca, divulges a long string of conflicts between Baca and Under-Sheriff Paul Tanaka. Rogers describes an instance of one Sheriff’s Sergeant pointing a gun at another one when he was a Commander, with a recommendation by him and his chief for demotion, but Tanaka was able to bully and override that decision because the instigator was a friend of his, culminating in a 15-day suspension for that individual. Rogers describes that incident as the beginning of the end between Baca and Tanaka. He reveals that Baca forced Tanaka out, and then Tanaka retired, with a healthy pension. Rogers said there were continuous examples when Tanaka should have been investigated and disciplined, but it didn’t happen. He explains that Baca first encouraged him to run for Sheriff, later asked him to withdraw, and how Baca strongly supported Commander James Hellmold, a very close friend, to run for Sheriff.


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