A Proper Interview With Paul Tanaka #653-1

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Under Sheriff Paul Tanaka (ret.) is vilified by local radio talk show hosts and continuously interrupted as he attempts to speak. Full Disclosure Network┬« gets the scoop on why Tanaka was hired by former Sheriff Lee Baca. Watch the 2-minute preview video here of the first of six segments on the Full Disclosure Network┬« Internet TV Series. Tanaka divulges his meteoric progression through the ranks as Baca tasks him with the burden of departmental fiscal responsibility. He explains that the LASD budget was at $1.7 billion when he began, and what it became after eleven years of his oversight. Tanaka reveals that his goal for operational success was to surround himself with the best possible people.

Program Preview:

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Segment 1:[fdnVideo_embed src=”/videos/2014/653-1.mp4″ title=”Segment 1″ download=”no”]

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