Gomez on Lower Hiring Standards, Sex & Harassment #649

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649 Gomez

Criminal Background Applicants – If You Have a Pulse, You’re Hired
Gomez declares that one-third of LASD at all ranks have serious ethical problems, and said he questions the ethics of anyone in the department or retired supporting Baca’s or Tanaka’s campaigns knowing about the unethical conduct and dysfunctional mismanagement. Gomez explains that Baca gave badges and guns to numerous “celebrity reserve officers,” making exceptions and not requiring academy attendance. He notes that as Sheriff, he would ask the FBI to perform forensic audits on narcotics forfeiture seizures to find the missing millions of dollars, some earmarked for narcotics education. Gomez outlines the changes he would make in forfeiture fund collection and counting, establishing a chain of command.

Sexual Trysts & Harassment, Hundreds of Millions Paid in Lawsuits, Missing M16
Gomez discloses that the rank-and-file are very angry over knowledge about Baca’s driver collecting money for Baca and driving Baca to sexual trysts. He says that as Sheriff, he will send the message that unethical behavior won’t be tolerated at any level. Gomez addresses the sexual harassment lawsuits against the LASD, the hazing of new female deputies by training officers, the hundreds of millions paid out in the latest round of lawsuits settled with taxpayer money. Gomez states that unlike some of the other candidates, he has never been accused of or sued for sexual harassment. He describes the missing equipment and material, Baca’s elimination of checks and balances, inspections, at LASD facilities.

Deportation for Illegal Immigrants Committing Crimes
Gomez addresses the reality of Los Angeles being a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants, saying he would enforce all the laws, treat everyone equally, and if someone is illegally here and arrested, they would be deported. He pledges to make L.A. County the safest place to live, work and raise a family, and be a leader to bring back trust, pride, and integrity to the position of Sheriff. He said he will bring an end to inmate abuse, corruption, and start an inmate program that allows them to give back to the community after victimizing it, cleaning up graffiti, other community services.

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