The Man Who Would Be Sheriff – Part 2 #648

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Pay to Play & Lack of Ethics at Highest Level
648 – Segment 1: Former Sheriff’s Lieutenant Patrick Gomez notes that it’s great to have Ethics training, but if the leadership sends a different message, what’s the point? He describes complaints at training classes by the rank-and-file, who ask about the double standard of unethical behavior by executives. Gomez explains why the academy was shut down for the first time in history. He reveals a pay-to-play atmosphere where Baca and Tanaka campaign contributors and supporters are promoted, and notes the irony of Tanaka campaign supporters complaining about retaliation by Baca.

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Inmate Abuse Sanctioned
648 – Segment 2: Gomez believes Ethics training is valuable, citing testimony by Sgt. Pollaro during the Citizens Commission on Jail Violence. Sgt. Pollaro stated that Tanaka told deputies to work the gray area, go right up to the line, and giving his cell phone number to deputies to call him if supervisors gave them problems. Gomez says Baca lied about and denied Tanaka’s actions, but he should have fired him when he found out, instead of allowing him to retire at his salary of over $250,000, as inmates are brutally beaten by deputies. Sheriff’s Bad Behavior Rewarded With “Sheriff of the Year Award”

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Bogus Award for Sheriff?
648 – Segment 3: Gomez denounces Baca’s National Sheriff of the Year award in 2012 by the National Sheriff’s Association, said it devalues past recipients, and is purely political in light of inmate abuse. He supports faith-based programs in the jails, and said it bothers him that Baca has only one faith-based group in the jails for Muslims, not open to others. Gomez sees positive aspects of such programs for inmates to redirect their lives. He vows to lead by example, eliminating double standards, increasing Ethics Training, and participating in that training with a firm message of a changed culture by a new sheriff.

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