LA Sheriff’s Terror Tactics #VB124

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Los Angeles, CA  Lt. Patrick Gomez, a highly principled individual, shares his emotional devastation as he tells of the horrendous terrorization of his wife and children, vicious threats of violence over the phone, cars parked outside the home and being followed, and the fear of the police that his children developed during this highly traumatic period in their lives. He reported the ongoing threats to the FBI and acknowledges that individuals from the Sheriff’s Department were behind the threats, and said, “You want to come after me, come after me, not my family.” Gomez finds it ironic that Under Sheriff Paul Tanaka, who is also running for Sheriff, is now accusing Baca of retaliation by transferring deputies who are Tanaka supporters. Gomez points out that in this case, the malicious retaliation took a severe emotional toll on his family.

Lt. Gomez, retired from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department after 31 years conducting Ethics Training, is running against Sheriff Lee Baca in the June 2014 election. Gomez ran against Baca in 2002 and subsequently sued the Department, saying they had retaliated against him and refused to promote him because he ran against Baca. After filing the First Amendment rights lawsuit in 2004, it took eight years to come to a settlement of almost $1 million.

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