US Senate Demeans Cops Who Oppose Amnesty #VB120

VB120 Senators Demean

Washington, D.C. A group of Western States Law Enforcement officials, that included elected County Sheriffs, attempted to present their objections to the U.S. Senate Committee hearing on the proposed Immigration Bill S744, when a U.S. Senator and Committee Staff members took action to discourage their participation. This is according to veteran Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Richard Valdemar (Ret.), who is a nationally recognized expert on international gangs in the United States and who describes the incident prior to the hearing. Valdemar gives an eyewitness account of what happened, and why one of the elected County Sheriffs left abruptly before giving his testimony and participating in a press conference to oppose S744. The group opposed the bill on the basis that it would bestow Amnesty and Citizenship on 11 million illegal aliens without screening for criminal backgrounds or ties to terrorist activities.


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