2013 Brunch: Full Disclosure Celebrates George Washington’s Birthday


Leslie Dutton, Ron Kaye (George Washington) and B. Scott Minerd

Marina del Rey, CA – Full Disclosure treated a capacity crowd to a celebration of George Washington’s birthday. You can watch a brief video of the highlights HERE.


Here are some links to the programs presented during the brunch:

The attendees watched a short video highlighting “the First 20 Years”

Next was the keynote speaker, B. Scott Minerd, with his outstanding talk “Why George Washington Couldn’t Be Elected Today”. You can read his entire speech by clicking HERE or see a short synopsis in this VIDEO.

The next feature was a collection of trailers of current projects in the works at Full Disclosure. You can see the collection HERE.

The day came to an exciting climax with the arrival of George Washington himself, portrayed by former editor of the LA Daily News, Ron Kaye. Dressed in full Continental regalia, Mr. Kaye contrasted the qualities of the First President with the political officials who serve as our leaders today. You can watch his dynamic presentation HERE.


For Full Disclosure Insiders, you can watch the entire one-hour program in its entirety here:

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