Investigative Reports

2011 to present

FDN Fights Court Over First Amendment Violations  (3/2014)
Public TV Industry Corp. Launches Website To Fight For Public Access Channels
Who Is Stealing Your Votes? (5/2011)
Lawsuit Charges L.A. County Supervisors Violated Brown Act (2/2012)
Judicial Watch v. Superior Court Movie Ban (4/2012)
Ex-Prosecutor Exposes Judicial Conflicts, Forgery and More (3/2013)
Attorneys MUM: Why Case Against Baca-Tanaka “Dismissed With Prejudice”, Now Represent Tanaka’s Supporters (10/2013)
“FDN’s 9th Circuit Court Fight Over First Amendment Violations”


L.A. District Attorney & Sheriff Politics Kill Gangs, Drugs & Immigration Conference (8/2000)
LAUSD’s $238 Million Belmont Demolished (1/2005)
Compton Shoot-Out (6/2005)
FDN Mini-Documentary (11/2005)
Capistrano Unified School District Avoids Full Disclosure (3/2006)
Bondage of Bonds (12/2007)
Can Closure of Public Access Channels be Stopped? By L.A. City Attorney or Council? (12/2008)
Evil Triangle (1/2010)
The Passing of World War II “Icon” Edith Shain, Nurse In Times Square Kiss (6/2010)
DA & AG Asked to Investigate Brown Act Violations By Los Angeles County Supervisors in Capitol Hill Meetings (6/2010)
D.A. Cooley Won’t Investigate L A County Board: Targets Tiny City of Bell (8/2010)

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