Court Showdown On Ballot Fraud #603

Program Preview:

Segment #1 – Ballot Fraud Squeezes More $ For Council Members

Judges who receive the payments that violate the State Constitution are sitting on cases involving Constitutional issues. David Hernandez describes how the City Council and the lobbyists crafted the fraudulent ballot language. The L A City Council is one of the highest paid in the country.

Show Segment #1:

Segment #2 – Election Lawsuit Against County/City

David Hernandez describes how Prop “R” was a poster child of the “Culture of Corruption”. Grassroots voter groups mustered a challenge to the Ballot Fraud, which became a David-and- Goliath match-up. Hired by lobbyists and politicians, crafty lawyers shifted their tactics to outwit the grassroots public interest lawyers, ignoring laws, ethics and the Constitution.

Show Segment #2:

Segment #3: County Payments Corrupt Judicial Actions

Dave Hernandez explains how County payments to Superior Court Judges (Yaffe) is a conflict and his decision supported Prop R. The Judge had been given retroactive immunity from criminal prosecution for taking illegal payments from the County of L.A. When the Legislature enacted SBX2-11 in an attempt to legalize the County payments, the Judges were still conflicted. The Commission on Judicial Performance is challenging the Constitutionality of the legislation. But the Judicial conflict is undermining the Justice system and now the Democratic process. Judges should not sit on cases where they have received money from a party to the case (L.A. County) as it violates the law and Judicial Canons of Ethics.

Show Segment #3:

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