HUD “Cover-Up” Causes Panic On Marina del Rey $125 million Loan Guarantee #VB101

Full Disclosure Network® presents an 8 minute video exposé featuring former U S Prosecutor Richard I . Fine who describes a panic “cease and desist” letter sent out by HUD attorney Edward J. Campbell to a Marina del Rey activist who had received a copy of a recently approved application for a HUD $125million loan guarantee submitted by Marina del Rey developer Jerry Epstein on a controversial high density luxury apartment complex.

In a letter dated April 15, 2011 HUD approved a Freedom of Information Request Act (FOIA) for the loan guarantee application submitted by Jerry Epstein on the Del Rey Shores redevelopment project and determined that the document was “releasable without exemptions.”

In his letter HUD attorney Campbell demanded immediate return of the document within three days, the names and addresses of anyone who received copies and instructed them to all be destroyed. Full Disclosure® obtained a full copy of the HUD application and has received a legal opinion from the public interest legal organization Judicial Watch that the disclosure of this document is legal. (read letter here)

HUD Application Document Links:

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The documents were given to Marina del Rey homeowner Dr. Daniel Henry Gottlieb, who is a long time opponent of the Del Rey Shores redevelopment and who also appears in the video calling for Federal investigations of the HUD cover-up. Read Dr. Gottlieb’s letters here to the FBI and U.S. Attorney

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