Flashback Predictions from 2007: L.A. Gang-Narcotic Officers Quit Over Personal Financial Disclosure #VB53

Flashback Predictions from January 2007

LOS ANGELES, CAFULL DISCLOSURE NETWORK® presents an exclusive eleven minute Video News Reportfeaturing the Legal Counsel for the LA Police Protective League (LAPPL).Hank Hernandez, who served as an LAPD Lieutenant prior to representing the police union, predicted that Gang and Narcotic Officers would choose to leave their jobs rather than provide their personal financial and banking records to the City. In this “flashback” video originally recorded in 2007, Hernandez describes the consequences that have come to pass following the enactment of a Federal Consent Decree mandate to the Police Commission. View the Video Here

Here is what the LAPD Officers in the Gang and Narcotics Unit are expected to file by the end of March 2011and what will take place following the filing:
List of assets, investments and liabilities, even if jointly owned.
Proof of bank accounts and mortgages with statements.
Individual financial disclosures to be reviewed and questioned.
Positions could be denied based upon the review.

Hank Hernandez’s prediction of an officer exodus was apparently accurate. As of January 18, 2011 an unknown number of officers have started giving notice they will leave their Gang and Narcotic Units. Hernandez also told Full Disclosure the City of Los Angeles entered into a collective bargaining agreement with the police union in 2003 that was negotiated in good faith, pointing out that under pressure from the Federal Consent Decree (enacted following the Rampart Scandal in the late 1990’s) the City was now attempting to impose an “unacceptable” change to that agreement.

Hernandez also describes how disclosure requirements don’t work. In the video he says that cops stealing cash would never report that fact and goes on to say how the LAPPL planned to counsel officers seeking advice. He noted the perils of turning over personal financial data to an employer and the dangers of identity theft when such information is released.

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