DA & AG Asked to Investigate Brown Act Violations By Los Angeles County Supervisors in Capitol Hill Meetings

[Note to the reader: This letter has been slightly redacted from its original form in order to make the referenced documents available online.]

June 5, 2010

Mr. David Demerjian

Public Integrity Division

L A County District Attorney Office

310 West Temple St. Room 766

Los Angeles, CA 90012 Re: Request for Investigation Brown Act Violations

Dear Mr. Demerjian,

We are hereby submitting a request for enforcement of the Brown Act, Gov’t Code § 54950 et seq. and a complete investigation of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors’ recent official meetings held in Washington D. C. on May 5 and 6th with individual members of the U.S. Senate and U. S. Congress. A Full Disclosure Network camera crew and reporter Janet Levy were barred from covering five of the ten official meetings. In one meeting held in the Capitol Building with Senator Barbara Boxer, the camera crew was excluded, but Ms. Levy was allowed into the room. Although she is a citizen of Los Angeles County, Ms. Levy was not permitted to speak at the meeting. A ten minute video report of the two-days of official meetings can be viewed here.

Furthermore, the five meetings that were open to the public were severely limited in scope and duration and failed to adequately address posted agenda items. The discussions that took place at the meetings that were open to the public deviated from the official agenda, giving the impression that official business must have been conducted elsewhere, out of the public view.


The agenda and meeting notice that were posted on the County’s website, which stated that the meetings would be open to the public and the media and that the public would be permitted to speak, can be viewed here

In addition, we call your attention to this hyperlink to the posted Public Meeting Schedule with time and locations of the offices where the meetings took take place.

During the upcoming months, a complete one hour video report is to be featured on community cable channels throughout California as well as on the Internet. This video report accurately reflects the deliberate actions taken to exclude the public and the media from more than half of the public meetings. The Full Disclosure video details what transpired when Ms. Levy, a Los Angeles County resident and freelance reporter who was covering the L A County Board of Supervisors meetings with a three man camera crew, attempted to attend these public meetings.



Leslie Dutton

Executive Producer

Janet LevyFreelance Journalist
cc: Steve Cooley, L A County District Attorney

Attorney General Edmund G. Brown, Jr. 

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