Jailed Attorney Richard I. Fine Continues His Fight For Freedom Against U S Court Corruption And Indifference Of U S Supreme Court #VB88A

Los Angeles, CA Here is an exclusive five minute video update on developments in the Richard I Fine “coercive confinement”case following the U S Supreme Court’s second denial of his petitions seeking to be released from the notorious L. A. County Jail. Fine has been held without charge or conviction of a crime for almost a year and a half following his attempt to disqualify the judge who has admitted in court testimony to have accepted payments from a party involved in the case before him.

Fine, is a former U S Department of Justice Anti-Trust Prosecutor who has been representing himself from his solitary jail cell in the notorious L. A. County Central Men’s Jail. The video covers abuse of court procedures and the how all Civil Lilbertarian organizations have failed to engage in this case that involves a major threat to “Due Process” and “Civil Rights” in America.

Described here are the circumstances that led up to Dr. Richard Fine’s decision to keep on fighting from his jail cell even after the Supreme Court refused to consider the illegal payments made to Judge David Yaffe who ordered Fine held indefinitely in contempt of court following Fine’s exposing the court’s corruption. Confident in his moral position Fine remains in jail and dedicated to what he believes is a moral and principled position.

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