Belmont Opening: Toxic or Not? L.A. Officials Tout Billion Dollar School Project #521-522

Los AngelesCA  The Full Disclosure Network® presents a seven-minute preview video from a two-part series entitled “Belmont Opens: Toxic or Not?”   The billion dollar high school that was built on top of the “old Los Angeles Oil Field” is about to open to students for the first time since this controversial school construction project began almost two decades ago.  Renamed for the third time, Belmont is now called Edward Roybal High School.

The new two-part series features LAUSD Officials touting the partial completion of the Belmont project and showcases the $20 billion dollar expansion program of the District as part of a “kick-off” ceremony for the National School Construction week. Notably missing from the program was any references to the presence of an earthquake fault,  deadly hydrogen sulfide and methane gases that plagued and delayed the construction project for so many years.

Featured in these latest two segments of an on-going series on the school are:

  • David L. Brewer, LAUSD Superintendent of Schools
  • Monica Garcia, President LAUSD Board of Education
  • Yolie Flores Aguilar, Member LAUSD Board of Education
  • Scott Wildman, former Chair, California State Legislative Audit Committee
  • Kaye Kilburn, MD, Ralph Edgington Chair, Keck USC School of Medicine
  • Guy Mahula, LAUSD Chief Facilities Executive
  • Ed Reyes, Los Angeles City Councilman
  • Scott Braxton, Principal  Roybal (Belmont) High School
  • Scott Folsom, LAUSD Bond Oversight Committee, PTA Official
  • Caprice Young, former LAUSD Board President
  • Patricia McPherson, President Grassroots Coalition
  • Manny Maldana, Community Activist, and Candidate for State Assembly
  • George Buzzetti, Community Activist

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