L.A. Deputy District Attorney Target of Ethics Complaint #VB57

Los Angeles, CA Is the prosecution guilty of ethics violations in the Jamiel Shaw murder case? Full Disclosure Network® presents an eight minute Video News Blog featuring family members of murdered high school football star, Jamiel Shaw, II who was gunned down just three doors from his home. Police have arrested Pedro Espinosa, an illegal alien gangbanger who was released early from L.A. County jail after serving four months for weapons charges and assault on a police officer.

Appearing in the video are the victim’s aunt Althea Shaw and fatherJamiel Shaw,Sr. describing why the family members have filed an Ethics Complaint with the State Bar and District Attorney’s Office against the Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Michele Hannisee. Also providing background on the State Bar complaint process is former Co-Chair of the State Bar Disciplinary Committee Deputy D A Steve Ipsen.

A few days prior to his re-election, District Attorney Steve Cooleyremoved the Deputy DA Michele Hanisee from the case. This also followed Mr. Shaw Sr.’s appearance on radio talk shows to expose the fact that she had been pressuring the family to stop speaking out against LAPD’s Special Order 40, “the don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that prevents police officers from asking individuals if they are in the country legally and Mr. Shaw said she told them she was going to describe the victim as a gangbanger because she needed a motive for the murder. According to law enforcement authorities Jamiel Shaw, II had no police record, never been arrested and has never had contact with school police or been suspended from school.

This Video News Blog on the Shaw’s complaint is also featured on the YouTube Channel along with other videos that are available for sharing. Full Disclosure® will be providing periodic updates on the case and following the progress on the “Jamiel’s Law” campaign to revise Special Order 40.

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