Full Disclosure Network® Seeks Full Hearing on Cable Channel #VB33

Los Angeles, CA  Full Disclosure Network® presents a six minute Video News Blog featuring a chronology of events leading up to the abrupt termination of the Emmy Award winning public affairs program from the L. A. CityView Cable Channel 35 last June.  Host Leslie Dutton appeals to viewers of the program on public cable channels and the Internet to join in the campaign to find out the real reasons why the public service program was terminated.


Appearing in this video news blog are community leaders who testified in support of the Full Disclosure Network® at a July 27, 2006 meeting of the Los Angeles Municipal Access Policy Board that oversees operations of CityView Channel 35.   The video features clips of their requests for a full investigation and hearing. Those testifying are:

  • Don Schultz, past president Van Nuys Neighborhood Council, & Homeowers Association
  • David Hernandez, North Hollywood Neighborhood Association
  • Dave Bradford, Silverlake/Echo Park Residents
  • Gil Wong, member Sylmar/Lakeview Terrace Homowners
  • Leslie Dutton,  Producer/Host of the Full Disclosure Network®


Since 1992 the Full Disclosure® program has been featured on CityView Channel 35, without cost to the City, as a public service at the request of various City Departments, agencies and Council members.  The Full Disclosure Network® is an educational, non-profit organization.  In 2002, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences presented host Leslie Dutton with a public affairs Emmy Award for their series entitled “L.A.’s War Against Terrorism”, featuring LAPD Chief Bernard Parks, LAPD Lt. Ken Hillman, L.A. Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas and L.A. County Sheriff Leroy Baca, covering how government agencies would work together following 9/11.


At the conclusion of this video news blog the Full Disclosure Network® requests viewers to call

  • Tony Ighani   Station Manager   at  213-485-7561
  • Bernard Parks, Council District 8   at  213-473-7008


This Termination LA35 Letter Email sent by Councilman Bernard Parks to Producer Leslie Dutton contradicted the letter, stating he had not pulled his sponsorship of the program.  It is hoped that the real reasons will be revealed at a full hearing on the matter to be held in October.

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