Watch L.A. County Sheriff Candidates Debate the Issues #464-465

Los Angeles, CA. The Full Disclosure Network® presents an hour long, two-part Sheriffs Candidate Forum with the law enforcement officials who are campaigning to become the next Los Angeles County Sheriff on the Internet via streaming video, in their entirety. This video forum is moderated by Emmy Award winning host Leslie Dutton.


  1. EARLY PRISONS RELEASES: Candidates offer their solutions to the stop the early release of prisioners who are serving little or no time in jail due to over crowding, citing the dangers of early releases.
  2. SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT AS A SOCIAL SERVICE AGENCY: The various arguments pro and con as to whether or not the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department should be considered a social service agency versus a law enforcement agency.
  3. ISSUING CONCEALED WEAPON PERMITS & GUN CONTROL: Contrasting procedures on how and when to issue a CCW are presented along with the rationale.


  1. RETAINING DEPUTIES WHEN COMPETING AGENCIES OFFER BETTER BENEFITS: an examination of policies, procedures that have eroded the morale and size of the work force.
  2. JAIL VIOLENCE AND CONTRIBUTING FACTORS: management of the jails and the continual flow of inmates present conditions that aggravate the ability to control the jail population.
  3. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, WHAT CAN A SHERIFF DO ABOUT IT?: This segment was was videotaped following the Forum due to the Adelphia Eagle Rock Studio having shut down production. Watch Video News Blog #30for complete explanation 12 minute video news blog.

The high ranking law enforcement officials who are challenging Sheriff Leroy Baca in this election and who appeared on this Forum are: Captain Ray LeyvaCaptain Ken Masse, (ret)Lt. Don Meredith and Sheriff’s Sgt. Paul Jernigan.

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