Law Enforcement vs. “Social Worker” Sheriffs #425

425BacaPreview_300-712659Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca tells Full Disclosure Network® “We are a social service agency and I am viewed as a social service sheriff.” Baca’s comments were made in the first segment of the program covering “use of force” policy changes within the department since the well publicized shooting incident in the City of Compton where 120 rounds were fired at an unarmed suspect.

When asked by host Leslie Dutton, how his deputies win respect for their authority if they use a “social worker” approach when dealing with drunken, unruly people in a public places, Baca responded, ” there have to be exceptions.” He went on to say that when an unruly person, under the influence of drugs is a threat to themselves and society at large you cannot use the “social worker” approach.

The Full Disclosure Network® interview with Baca consists of three segments covering the following topics:
1st Segment: “Social Worker” Sheriffs, use of force policy changes and deputy discretion.
2nd Segment: Complete details of the Compton shoot-out and Sheriff Baca’s policy on issuing Concealed Weapon Permits
3rd Segment: Hiring policies, Federal Consent Decrees and changes in hiring standards and Sheriff’s Reserve Deputy program and the Terrorist Reserve unit.

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