Concealed Weapons? Sheriffs Baca & Carona Debate #VB3

Los Angeles, CA. The Full Disclosure Network™ is presenting a FREE five (5) minute Internet video blog featuring L. A. County Sheriff Leroy Baca and Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona debating the issue of issuing concealed weapon permits to citizens.

The striking contrast in law enforcement policy governing Concealed Weapon Permits (CCWs) comes into focus on this five minute Full Disclosure™ video blog where the two Sheriffs explain their conflicting policies and criteria for issuing CCWs, and their basic fundamental disagreement in the concept of arming citizens.

When asked by Emmy Award winning host Leslie Dutton, if she could personally obtain a Concealed Weapons Permit in their county, Baca and Carona provided sharply differing responses.

It is illegal to carry a concealed weapon in California without a permit. Permits are issued by the local Sheriff or Police Chief. The criteria for obtaining a CCW permit is based upon the local official law enforcement official’s own policy. In most of the United States “Right to Carry” laws have been enacted.

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